“Authenticity speaks for itself”


Ciao, my name is Marco!


My professional life started very early. I was still in high school when I was able to attend national training seminars with the best brands of the Hairdressing Modhair sector, thanks to the support of my family.

This experience helped me to fine tune my passion for art and manage to inject it into my profession.

Fusing my intrinsic skills along with those of communication, marketing, publishing, management, HR and the technical skills of a hairdresser, I later managed to work in the hair salon of my brother until I gained enough experience to trust my personal vision and open “Individual”, my first hair salon.

That is when I decided to inject art into the art of hairdressing.



From Individual...


For more than ten years “Individual” was my personal laboratory where I was able to experiment and create something unique out of Catania with a pan-European vision. This was once a dream, but it very quickly became a reality where I was able to develop my personal vision and bring it forward.

“Individual” was not just about finding a personal style or how to treat hair. It was also a major hub of the city where all types of creative people and industries could find refuge. “Individual” became an artistic platform dedicated to promoting and sharing the talents from a range of creative fields: be it music, design, street art and more classic forms of art.


...To Brussels


After years in Catania, I made the decision to move my family to Brussels in order to continue to grow as an artist. I also wanted the chance to act as an Italian ambassador of fresh style, spurring innovation beyond personal boundaries.

Thus I moved from the artistic chaos that dominated my days in Sicily in order to concentrate my skills on offering the best of myself to a new client base.

My mission has not changed, but I have been able to refine my skills due to the melting pot of the city of Brussels able to provide me with every possible hair type to work my magic on.

For the past three years, I worked in one of the most high-profile hair salons of the city, “Blow”, where I was able to fine-tune two internationally recognized methods: “Sassoon” and “Toni & Guy”. I am now able to incorporate these into my own personal technique.


“NO TAGS” is an original project of Marco Cristaldi, created to highlight the style and the unique personality of individuals through personalized make up application. It is a playful concept, a journey through the many facets of an individual displayed through a series of portraits.

“NO TAGS” is a tailor-made experience tied to the idea of identity and personality, where the process of enhancing the individual’s appearance is approached with passion, respect and playfulness.

It is a photographic exhibition depicting the multifaceted nature of a person, highlighting the beauty of each individual.

Fifteen photos. One model. One haircut. Many styles. The individual in question is Joy McKenna, half Sicilian, half-New Yorker, a strong and proud model who allowed Marco and his team a carte blanche to play with her identity.


A team of designers dug into Joy’s closet to figure out how many different skins she had hidden away in there. The team sorted them in different ways in an effort to contrast and bring to light different sides of her personality. Using music, photography, art, books and cinema, every detail was examined to ensure that every image is a true expression Joy. All of these divergent styles are tied together through one haircut.

“NO TAGS” revolves around a sense of self in relation to time-related changes.


Five of these photos were then customized by five street-artists: Marco Guè, Vlady Art, Francesco Barrera, Antonio Zagame and Mario La Monaca. Their efforts have increased the value of the original concept. A video was later created to highlight the performance of each artist.

Staying ahead of events while remaining immersed in the here and now- this is the driving force of Mr. Cristaldi’s ideas, from Superfresco to “NO TAGS”. Over fifteen years with his scissors running the hairstyling marathon has led to new ways of transmitting the meaning of identity through attention to details, training and constant innovation.

Although we are individuals, we are also many people simultaneously, the culmination of our experiences. We are inspired by art and the diversity of other people. We are all one, but never just “anyone” and despite the countless labels that dog us, we continue to remain true to ourselves.



Superfresco is a traveling concept of the volcanic hairstylist Marco Cristaldi. It is a multi-sensory experience that takes care of the body, soul and mind.

In an event which is not an event, professionals from different fields work together for your personal enrichment. This is an opportunity for those who own a salon to broaden their experience and to offer a unique service.

It is not an apperitivo, it is not an exhibition, it is more than just your usual haircut. SUPERFRESCO is a concept that is all of these things and more.

Unlocking your unique style has always been Marco’s mission. The SUPERFRESCO format allows this to be unearthed in any place.

SUPERFRESCO is already based in Catania, London and Brussels and can even travel to you. It is a cure not just for your hair and body, but also for your soul.